Ecuador: Dad plans 21,000km drive in WOODEN car to keep promise to daughter

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A Dominican carpenter who built a wooden Volkswagen Beetle after promising it to his daughter for her 15th birthday is driving it from Lima to New York, as shown in footage shot in Quito last Wednesday and Friday.

Bienvenido Ortega has reportedly lived in Peru since 2010 and created the wooden car to fulfil his promise to his daughter, now 20, before she moved to New York.

Ortega intends to apply for a US visa in Mexico, he will then continue driving on to visit his children in New York before finally driving all the way back to his pregnant wife in Lima, a roughly 21,000km (13,048 miles) round trip.

“Inside of me there’s the power of having to hug my kids in New York and celebrate the 15th birthday of my daughter, even though she is already 20,” Ortega said. “In fact, if I arrive to New York when she’s already married and I have a grandchild, I will take her out and celebrate her 15th birthday party like a princess with her wooden car, just like I promised.”

The bodywork, made from scratch, was placed over a classic Volkswagen Beetle from the seventies.

This is the second wooden car Bienvenido manufactured for this journey. The first one only took him to the northern Colombian city of Monteria in October 2017.

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