Ecuador: President Moreno vows to asses law that ended fuel subsidies

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Mandatory credit: Secretaria de Comunicación de la Presidencia de Ecuador

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno announced five resolutions on Saturday after violent protests against austerity measures reached their tenth day in the country. As a first step, the president dictated that the curfew in Quito be maintained “until further notice”.

Secondly, Lenin Moreno promised to “analyze and asses, in accordance with the request made by indigenous organizations and social sectors, Decree 883” – which establishes the rise of fuel prices in the country – “to study its effects, to ensure that resources reach the countryside, so that communities and beneficiaries manage their own resources”.

In addition, he proposed to introduce “a monthly bonus of 20 dollars to be paid by private companies to their employees.” Moreno also said officials were working to help those who have suffered the negative consequences of the blockade.

“These have been difficult days, but we are going to take the country forward,” said Moreno, who once again accused “the dark forces linked to organized political crime and directed by [Nicolas] Maduro and [Rafael] Correa in complicity with narcoterrorism” as responsible for “the violence never seen before”.

According to a statement from the UN office in Ecuador, the government of Lenin Moreno and representatives of the indigenous community will hold their first meeting this Sunday in Quito in search of a solution to the social crisis that is hitting the country.

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