Egypt: Arab League emergency meeting on US embassy move

The Arab League held emergency talks in Cairo on Wednesday to discuss the controversial US embassy move to Jerusalem.

The meeting focused on how to counter the American decision and reaffirmed the issue of Palestine at the Arab League.

Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States said that “There is an Arab support, not only on political aspect but a financial support also, for the Palestinian brothers to face this situation. There are always plans to increase this support. So there is a good support, and the Palestinians appreciate that, we seek to increase it because there is always a need for more support.”

From the Palestinian side, Diab Al Louh, the Permanent Delegate to the League of Arab States from Palestine said that: “We in Palestine are fully satisfied with the strong Arab position that has turned around Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue as a central issue for the Arab nation.”

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