Egypt: Baron Empain Palace reopens after being restored to grandeur

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Visitors returned to the Baron Empain Palace in the Egyptian suburb of Heliopolis, near Cairo, on Tuesday, as it reopened after the completion of restoration works.

Visitors were seen inside the palace’s halls and patios, admiring the restored Hindu motifs and sculptures.

“In July 2017 we started actually working, the condition of this palace was very bad, [there was] corrosion everywhere, remains of birds, and broken decorations,” said Secretary-General of Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri.

Head of Museums Sector at Ministry of Antiquities, Momen Mohamed Othman, noted the distinctive Indian-inspired architecture of the palace, such as the Buddhist statues and the “representations of the mythological life.”

The restoration works, which were carried out in collaboration with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority and the Arab Contractors Company, have reportedly cost more than 100 million Egyptian pounds ($6.1 million; €5.5 million).

The palace, considered to be an architectural masterpiece, was built by Belgian industrialist Baron Edouard Empain in 1911.

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