Ethiopia: Addis Ababa residents struggle despite low COVID-19 reported cases

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Although Ethiopian was not placed into strict lockdown, residents have been struggling to make ends meet amid the state of emergency imposed, as seen in Addis Ababa on Saturday.

The second most populous country of Africa has placed a large emphasis on hygiene, including hand washing instructions dotted around Addis Ababa and the use of masks in public spaces being mandatory.Ethiopia has reported a relatively low number of confirmed coronavirus cases, despite medical resources being limited.

The authorities announced a five-month state of emergency back in April, although flights to and from China were not banned, according to local reports.

Many residents expressed the hardship they are encountering due to the decline in the economic situation amid the pandemic, including sportswear shop worker Abel Getu, who said that since everything is closed and the roads are closed,” he wasn’t able “to find any products [to sell in my shop],” and could only rely on his previous stock.

Fruit shop owner, Birhanu Birara, said that some “workers weren’t able to find sufficient money for their business,” so would have preferred to be under the lockdown.

As of Saturday, Ethiopia, which has a population of around 107 million people, has reported just over 1,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 8 related deaths, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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