EU election: Early projected results and analysis | DW News

The first projected results on how many seats each party group would have in the next European Parliament have been released. These figures are estimates in countries where polls are still open, and projections where voting has ended, and these are the current groupings in the European Parliament, not including a possible new far right group.
The leftist European United Left and Nordic Green Block take 46 seats so far.
The S & D social democrats get 148 seats.
The Greens have 68 seats
The liberal ALDE group would receive 79 seats.
The center-right European Peoples Party, the biggest group, takes 173 seats.
The Eurosceptic conservatives, the ECR, take 62 seats
The populists, the EFDD, take 57 seats
The ENF have 59 seats.
And the remaining 59 seats go to other smaller parties.

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