EU election exit polls show Green Party with big gains in Germany | DW News

In Germany, polls for the 2019 EU Parliament elections have now closed, so results of the exit polls are available. And Angela Merkel’s conservatives are ahead. These figures are based on interviews with voters as they leave polling stations and are not based on actual ballot counts, which will come later:
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU-CSU takes 28 percent, down 7.4 percentage points.
The center-left SPD come in at 15.5 percent, down 11.8
The environmentalist Green Party looks to take 22 percent of the vote, with an increase of more than 11 percentage points.
The far-right populist Alternative for Germany, the AfD, comes in at 10.5 percent, which is 3.4 percentage point increase for them.
The free-market FDP looks to take 5.5 percent.
The Left Party also at 5.5 percent.
That leaves 13 percent for other parties in Germany in this European election.

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