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A short film about German unity, the comeback of traditional fashion labels at Paris Fashion Week, architecture photographers on Instagram, a trip to the Icelandic capital and a look at this year’s Oktoberfest.
A Film to mark 25 Years of German Unity

A one minute film by 26 year old Nico Kreis.

The German government commissioned a short film to mark the 25th anniversary of the country’s unity. The film was directed by 26 year old Nico Kreis, a young filmmaker who represents a generation born around the time of German reunification.

Tags Nico Kreis, German unity, short film, reunification

Comeback of Traditional Fashion Labels

Traditional fashion labels get a makeover

Well-known names like Vionnet or Courrèges are making a comeback on the international fashion scene. At this year’s Paris Fashion Week a number of traditional fashion houses present their current collections by young designers.

Tags: Courrèges, Vionnet, Paris, Modenschau, Prêt-à-Porter

Instagram Images

Some photographers whose smart phone photos of architecture have quite a following on Instagram.

Sebastian Weiss, aka Le Blanc; Dirk Bakker, aka Macenzo; and Emilio Oti, aka Otije. They are just some of a growing number of photographers whose smartphone photos of architecture are a big hit on Instagram.

Tags: smartphone, Instagram, architecture, photos

A Trip to Reykjavik

A visit the capital of Iceland with photographer Antonía Bergþórsdóttir as tour guide.

A tour of the Icelandic capital. Local photographer Antonía Bergþórsdóttir is the tour guide. Among others she takes us to the Harpa Concert Hall and the Hallgrímskirkja which is Iceland’s largest church and sits on a hill overlooking the Old Town.

Tags: Reykjavik, Iceland, Harpa Concert Hall, Hallgrímskirkja

Oktoberfest Summary

The world’s biggest beer festival is wrapping up, a look at this year’s event in Munich.

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the world’s biggest annual beer festival. A look at the latest developments at this traditional Bavarian event, including getting healthier food and scarier rides.

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