Europe’s Recurring Disability Shame (Part 1) | People & Power

In 2014, in a truly disturbing episode of People & Power, we revealed the shocking mistreatment of disabled people in state-run care homes in Romania. That film, which we called Europe’s Hidden Shame, also raised very troubling questions about how and why some of those institutions were in receipt of funding from the EU.

We took our evidence to the relevant ministry in Romania’s capital Bucharest and then to EU headquarters in Brussels. The authorities in Romania promised to halt the abuses, the EU said that they would give the matter appropriate attention.

Now, five years on we’ve heard fresh allegations about the neglect and abuse of disabled people – and not just in Romania, but elsewhere in eastern Europe. We’ve also heard some of the same troubling questions about where EU taxpayer’s money is going.

So we asked filmmakers Sarah Spiller, Callum Macrae and Mark Williams to investigate.

They came back with this two-part report: Europe’s Recurring Shame.

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