Extreme on ice! Adrenaline junkies race 200km on frozen Lake Baikal

The final stage of the so-called Extreme Ice Race on skates, skis, and bikes was held on the frozen Lake Baikal in Irkutsk on Sunday. The race started on February 16 and lasted for three days.

About 50 adrenaline junkies from around the world proved themselves cycling and running 205 kilometres (127 miles) above the frozen Lake Baikal. Athletes from Russia, Spain, France and Latvia participated.

Eight of the marathoners managed to finish the three-day-long race between Sakhurt and Listvyanka villages. The fastest covered the 205 km (127 miles) distance in 10 hours and 28 minutes.

The race is called ‘Ledovy Shtorm’ (The Icy Storm). It was held at the sixth time.


SOT, Elena Kazachok, Ice skater from Moscow (Russian): “The first day, the conditions were just perfect, you can even say fantastic. The sun, a light fair wind. 85 kilometres were unnoticed, and on the second day the weather changed. An hour and a half after the start, a very strong wind began. Cyclists were carried away with bicycles.”

SOT, Alexander Zhilinsky, Organiser (Russian): “The first stage of 80 kilometres to the village Buguldeika – there was absolutely perfect ice. The wind was in our favour, the athletes showed a unique result. There was very strong competition between the athletes, as always between a biker and a skater.”


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