France: Be ‘caring nanny, Mrs Doubtfire’, not ‘Hulk’ – EU’s Verhofstadt to Johnson

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The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt said UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson should take after the character of Mrs. Doubtfire rather than the Hulk, during a speech in the European Parliament in the French city of Strasbourg on Wednesday.

“I know, and you know, that Boris Johnson, the prime minister, likes a lot to compare himself with movie characters, as we know. Well, dear colleagues, concerning citizens’ rights, playing the angry Hulk, I think he should inspire himself by another character; the caring nanny, the film of Mrs Doubtfire with Robin Williams, the late Robin Williams,” said Verhofstadt referring to Johnson’s comments of UK acting like the superhero Hulk trying to leave the EU.

“If the Euroskeptics, in the coming hours now, in the coming minutes, want to use again, for ridiculous comparison, with the Soviet Union, from now on they can point their finger to Westminster instead of to Strasbourg or to Brussels. That seems to me the good way forward now for them,” he added.

As the October 31 Brexit deadline is looming, some EU politicians warn against the risk of a no-deal Brexit.

Earlier the UK Parliament passed a bill making a no-deal Brexit unlawful, days before its prorogation initiated by the country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Mandatory credit: EBS

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