France: Goals and pitches ‘are the size they need to be’ says USA’s Dunn at Women’s WC

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Crystal Dunn, forward for the United States women’s national football team, said that “The goals are exactly the size they need to be, the pitches size are the size they need to be,” while speaking at a press conference ahead of her team’ last group stage clash against Sweden, in Le Havre, Tuesday.

The player’s comments came as a response to a recent proposal by Chelsea women’s football club manager Emma Hayes that the goals and the pitches could be made smaller for women.

Dunn also stated that she’s “seeing so much more diversity” at this year’s tournament.

“That’s really all I hope for. Year in and year out, I think it’s always progressing in the right direction and, you know, especially being a woman of colour I always root so much for the black girls that are doing well. I am always rooting just for so much diversity in the sport to continue to grow”, she added.

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