France: Hendaye protesters march against nearby G7 gathering

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Thousands of protesters rallied at a counter-G7 demonstration starting from Hendaye in France and heading towards Irun in neighbouring Spain on Saturday.

Thousands of people marched through Hendaye towards Irun, carrying flags, banners and figures of the G7 leaders, such as Trump, Merkel and Macron, as they protested against the countries’ economic and environmental policies.

“We are here to fight against this system [capitalism] that leads us to destruction on so many levels,” said Maria, a protester

“I’m here to fight against this convention of unpresentable people, capitalists who rule the world,” added another protester, Agurtzane.

Despite the ban on protests in Biarritz, demonstrators continue to hold anti-G7 rallies in nearby locations such as Hendaye, while the G7 summit runs from August 24 to August 26.

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