France: Hundreds rally against Islamophobia in Paris

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Hundreds of protesters rallied in Paris’s Republic Square on Saturday, to oppose the “escalation” of Islamophobia in the country.

Many of the demonstrators were non-Muslims, while others wore veils and carried signs against what they dubbed a ‘witch hunt.’

“There was a call from several collectives to come and gather today, to protest against this escalation, this witch hunt against Muslims right now in France. And especially about Macron’s comments about a ‘society of vigilance’ and what is happening,” said one protester.

According to reports, the organisers called for the rally after Julien Odoul of France’s right-wing National Rally asked a mother to remove her hijab when accompanying her child on a school trip inside a local assembly in Dijon. The moment was recorded and published on Odoul’s Twitter page.

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