France: Portholes inserted into cows’ stomachs *GRAPHIC*

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Researchers in France have inserted portholes into cows’ stomachs reportedly in order to study and manipulate the animals’ digestive systems, as seen in secretly filmed footage apparently recorded between February and May, 2019, at Sourches Experimental Farm in north-western France.

The French animal rights group L214 shared the video and information online. The group says “their [cow] stomach was perforated with a hole of 15 cm in diameter to study their digestion” and “they are forced to live locked in a building with concrete floor, without straw, from their own droppings.”

According to reports, the practice is not new and has been widely used in the agricultural industry for years. The porthole reportedly allows researchers to access the cow’s stomach and regulate nutrition, by depositing or removing food samples.

Footage also shows other animals, such as rabbits, pigs and chickens, confined in small cages and living in apparently poor conditions at the experimental farm.

Sourches Experimental Farm is reportedly owned by Sanders, a supplier of animal feed and part of the food group Avril.

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