France: Scores march for Parisian pride and French identity

About 150 people participated in the ‘Paris Pride’ march in the centre of the capital on Saturday evening in a show of French identity.

Demonstrators marched to the church of Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris, waving flares, torch lights and the coat of arms of the Paris district.

SOT, Pierre Larti, organiser of the march (French): “Sainte Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris. This tribute is organized for 14 years by the association ‘Paris Pride’ and whose goal is to rediscover and promote the Parisian and French identity. Every year we reclaim this image of Sainte-Genevieve in order to embody the Parisian identity that we defend that we want to put forward. She is a saint, so it is a moral and spiritual figure, but it is also a warrior who was able to federate the Parisians against the barbarian invaders in his time and thanks to his action and his determination, the Parisians were able to continue to live in freedom!”

SOT, Pierre Larti, organiser of the march (French): “Today we live in an individualistic world whose cultures and identities are disappearing. We also have this issue of immigration and islamisation in France and somewhere Saint Genevieve comes to remind us that an identity, it is safe, it defends itself, it is highlighted and that’s what we try to make among others by this annual commemoration.”

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