France: Striking taxi drivers block Paris ring road over proposed transport law

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Taxi drivers blocked the peripheral streets around Paris on Monday, to protest against a new transport law (LOM), currently being discussed in the French Parliament.

Taxi-drivers blocked the ring road leading to the city’s main airports and neighbouring cities.

The General Confederation of Labour (CGT) and other taxi unions called on drivers to protest a law which they believe will ruin the balance between taxis and private minicabs.

“We are here against the law LOM, which foresees articles that will poison the taxis,” said a CGT member, adding that they want to give private hire cars (VTC) “rights but no constraints.”

According to another taxi-driver on strike “there is a balance to be found,” and “this balance should not be done by stripping taxis in order to ‘dress up’ the VTCs.”

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