France: Studies suggest glyphosate not carcinogenic – Senator Medevielle

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France’s Parliamentary office for evaluation of scientific technological options (OPECST) on Thursday announced the need for stronger scientific evidence in order for the herbicide glyphosate to be recognised as a cancer-inducing chemical for human beings. The announcement was made at a presser in Paris.

The office reported discrepancies found between studies conducted to determine the carcinogenic nature of the herbicide.

The press conference came after French Senator Pierre Medevielle earlier called the chemical less likely to cause cancer than a cold cut or red meat, causing a media uproar.

“In the current state of our knowledge, it is difficult to talk about the cancerogenicity [of glyphosate] on humans,” said Medevielle who was also present at the presser.

The report, which mainly focuses on how to improve health and environmental agencies in France and Europe, briefly addresses, without taking sides, diverging conclusions between a 2015 EU report finding glyphosate “unlikely” to cause cancer, and a WHO report from the same year classifying the chemical as a probable human carcinogen.

The findings were announced after a US court on Tuesday awarded an elderly couple over $2 billion (€1.79 billion) in damages due to the glyphosate-based herbicide ‘Roundup’ apparently causing their cancer.

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