France: Thousands of hospital workers join Paris strike over working conditions

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Thousands of hospital workers, from doctors to nurses, from deans to medical students, took to the streets of Paris on Thursday, to protest over poor working conditions and a lack of funding for public hospitals.

“We’re noticing that public hospitals are doing worse and worse in France. Emergencies rooms have been on strike for over seven months, the government doesn’t hear us. They’re doing meaningless budget announcements, taking money here and there to try to appease us, but it’s not working. Hospitals are suffering nowadays,” said one nurse.

The hospital workers say they “cannot work in good conditions” and that France is running the risk of compromising “the right of health” through cutting beds, staff and salaries.

While travelling to Epernay, in the Marne region, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a speech that he had “heard the anger and indignation” of the carers. He added that Prime Minister Edouard Philippe would announce measures and “strong decisions” on Wednesday November 20 at the end of the Council of Ministers.

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