French celebrate in Paris as country advances to World Cup final

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***UPSOT FANS***As the final whistle blew, France exploded into scenes of celebration. Les Bleus are heading to the World Cup final. After beating their European neighbours Belgium 1-0. SOT mec 1″I”ve never seen anything like it. It was very emotional…we celebrated like crazy. It was great.” SOT GIRL”We were very nervous but we were all behind them, of course we were going to win!”In Paris the Champs-Elysées was packed with jubliant fans…Images remeniscient of 1998 – the last and only time so far France has won the World Cup. 20 years ago, France”s manager Didier Deschamps lifted the trophy as captain…And for many French people, the stars seem perfectly alligned for a second victory. SOT mec1″I”m so happy we”re in the final! I was too young in 1998 I don”t really remember it. This time I will….” SOT mec 2 “France has been waiting for this for 20 years. We were too young so this year is OUR YEAR!” Tonight French supporters will find out whether they”ll be playing England or Croatia in the final in Moscow…. But for now, the only words on everyone”s mind are….UPSOT ON EST EN FINALE

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