French cities experiment new technologies to cool down pavements

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As the sun beats down on this Parisian suburb… this road is supposed to be cooler than those around it. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but the tarmac has a special coating VOXI dont really notice a difference. But then I wasn’t really paying attention. VOXI dont think it feels less hot because of the coating to the road. The technology reduces the surface temperature by around two degrees. SOT Tenan Jasaroski Director of Development, EiffageIt’s quite simple, there are clear granules added to the surface, so you get the feeling it’s not so dark, but lighter in colour In Toulouse they are experimenting on this pedestrian zone, with pavements that cool themselves … Rain water is collected, and when the temperature goes over 35 degrees, it evaporates and cools the ground. … to 5 degrees less than a normal street. 600 kilometres away, Nice has gone for a different technology. With ecological pavement covering an area of 500 metres squaredSOT Mathieu Fougeray, Engineer ADPE Ingénieur agence de performance énergétiqueThe pavements are made from crushed shells, instead of sand. It means that the sidewalk can breathe, so it can absorb and release water that’s fallen from above.
None of these techniques are yet in widespread use… But towns and cities across France are keen to find ways to beat the heat.

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