German butchery’s meat vending machine allows for “contactless” shopping

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Bungenberg butchery in the west German town of Zweifall got crafty with their ‘Fleischautomat’ (German: meat vending machine) to allow their costumers to continue enjoying fresh and cured meats without the risk of coronavirus infection due to human-to-human interaction, as seen on Monday.

“At the moment the automat is the perfect solution, as you can shop here completely without contact and here on the square you are able to keep your distance or even get lucky and are completely alone here,” said butchery owner Micheal Bungenberg.

Bungenberg said the locals had responded very well to their idea as it allows safety measures to be kept as well as being able to enjoy the butchery’s products without being bound to opening hours or days.

“Sunday you can feel the highest frequency, as people are buying their lunches here or even at night time buy a meatball for a quick snack,” added Bungenberg.

According to the latest figures compiled from global reports by Johns Hopkins University, Germany is the third-worst hit EU country with over 62,400 reported cases and 541 fatalities as of Monday.

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