Germany: ‘All leads must be pursued’ – Merkel on reported far-right links of Lubcke murder suspect

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was asked about the reported far-right background of the suspect arrested in connection with the murder of CDU politician Walter Lubcke, during a press conference in Meseberg near Berlin on Monday.

“All leads must be pursued. That’s why it’s right that the Federal General Prosecutor has taken charge of the investigation to uncover the background information as fast as possible,” she said. “I think today, our thoughts should be with Walter Lubcke’s friends and family. I hope that we have full clarity soon to make the final assessments. The investigation is still ongoing, however.”

German prosecutors announced on Monday that the 45-year-old suspect, identified only as Stephan E., arrested in connection with the murder, may have been motivated by “right-wing extremist” views, when allegedly killing Lubcke, a Merkel ally known for his pro-migrant stance.

Speaking after the German Government’s 10th “Future Talk” meeting with business representatives, Merkel also commented on Germany’s commitment in May to be climate neutral by 2050, saying, “It’s not a matter of if, but rather a matter of how we will manage to do that.”

Germany, which is still working on the exact wording of its climate neutrality proposal, joined eight other EU countries with this commitment.

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