Germany: Antifa activists scuffle with police in Berlin

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Clashes erupted between riot police and left-wing protesters, in Berlin’s Neukolln neighbourhood on Saturday evening, resulting in several arrests, as hundreds took to the streets for a ‘Defend neighbourhood culture’ (‘Kiezkultur verteidigen’) protest.

The riot police were charging into the protesters, using pepper spray and detaining people. The protesters were also seen facing off with riot police officers around Berlin’s Hermannstrasse.

According to local reports, between several hundred and 2,000 people from the left-wing scene gathered in the evening to protest against gentrification as well as evictions, including that of the “Syndikat” pub in Neukolln which is set to take place next week.

Earlier on Saturday, nearly 20,000 took to the capital’s streets to protest against coronavirus measures amid a recent spike in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel originally announced the measures in March, in order to curb the spread of the virus. The measures have been gradually relaxed nationwide as the number of confirmed cases decreased.

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