Germany: ‘Appalling’ Amazon emergency ‘has to be’ on G7 agenda govt. spox.

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German Foreign Ministry spokesperson Steffen Seibert said that the the fires wreaking havoc in the Amazon rainforest are ‘appalling’ and ‘a threat’ to the entire planet at a federal press conference in Berlin on Friday.

“It is not an exaggeration to call it the ‘lungs of the planet’. And when the G7 convenes this week – and this is also the chancellor’s strong conviction – this emergency situation has to be on the agenda,” he said.

Commenting on the humanitarian situation in Idlib spokesperson Rainer Breul said: “Just between May 1st and August 18, around 590,000 people were displaced or re-displaced within the zone of escalation” adding that the German government is looking with ‘great concern’ at growing tensions between Turkey and Syria.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s stance on Brexit negotiations was reiterated by Seibert who said that the EU commission is open for further talks and is awaiting further solutions on the Irish backstop issue from the UK.

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