Germany: At least one injured, three missing as explosion destroys house in Bavaria

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Explosion destroyed a three-storey house in Bavarian Rettenbach am Auerberg, with at least three people missing and one person injured, on Sunday.

The injured one, reportedly a woman, was seen being taken away by emergency services with her two children and a husband still missing, according to media reports.

According to police spokesperson, Martin Edmund, the person was severely injured and the police are now trying to get information about those who could still be trapped.

Edmund added that neighbours reported about the explosion at 10:00am local time.

“Pieces of the house are lying up to 200, 300 meters away. A neighbouring house was badly damaged as a result of the explosion and a third house partially damaged,” said Edmund.

“There is no gas connection in the house. We can only speculate on the cause at this point. We don’t know what led to this situation,” said Rettenbach am Auerberg’s Mayor Rainer Friedl, commenting reports about a gas explosion being the cause of the accident.

Investigation of the explosion and rescue operation are underway.

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