Germany: Berlin calls for restraint in Hong Kong protests

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The German Federal Government spokespersons made comments on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong at a news conference in Berlin on Wednesday.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Adebahr said “the fears that the people of Hong Kong as well as we and our EU partners made clear, as I said already, are of possible erosion of the rule of law and of the autonomy of Hong Kong.” Adebahr added that Germany, which has an extradition treaty with Hong Kong, will examine the amendments if they are made by the government there.

German Federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert stressed the importance of keeping demonstrations in Hong Kong peaceful. “It is surely a good sign that the majority of the protesters expressed their opinion about the offered law amendments peacefully. And we are appealing at all involved to be cautious and keep it as peaceful as it is now”, said Seibert.

The officials also commented on the issue of returning the children of former fighters of the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) to Germany. “For the BMI [the ministry] it is about clarifying the identity of the retuning people and that counts as well for children. It is about excluding dangers to the German people. We are handling this problematic area and if opportunities can be created, for example, to bring back small children who don’t have parents, then the ministry would not, under mentioned circumstances, close itself to it”, said Steve Alter, spokesperson for the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

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