Germany: Berliners born inside German parliament during WWII reunite

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Around 15 people who were born inside the German parliament during World War II reunited and met with Bundestag President Wolfgang Schaeuble in the parliament building in Berlin on Sunday.

A mother who gave birth in the makeshift maternity unit that was installed in the cellar of the parliament by the Charite hospital, recalled that there was an “air raid alert” on the day she gave birth. Parts of the German parliament’s basement were also used as an air-raid shelter during the conflict.

Marita Worwerk, a ‘Reichstag baby’, said that her mother “used to work at the Charite and that’s why I came to the world in here. She has told me it was really deep under in the cellars and that the bombs couldn’t be heard so loud. But after two days she had to go out again, with a baby, to ruins, everything bombed out. It was dreadful times.”

The Berliners then went on a tour of the building and its cellars.

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