Germany: Berliners rally against Turkish military offensive in northern Syria

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Hundreds of demonstrators to the streets of Berlin on Thursday to decry Turkey’s military actions in northern Syria and their attacks on Kurdish forces in the area.

“Those who support this government, whether with messages of business dealing in Turkey or with the delivery of weapons to Turkey, are an accomplice to the Turkish Islamists of Erdogan, are an accomplice to destroying the forces that threw back the Islamic State,” said an activist at the demonstration.

On Thursday European envoys urged Turkey to cease its so-called ‘Operation Peace Spring’ while Russia called for ‘maximum restraint’ in northern Syria.

Erdogan announced on Wednesday the beginning of the operation to create a ‘safe zone’ cleared of the formerly US-backed Kurdish groups, who are considered ‘terrorists’ by Ankara.

According to the press office of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), eight people have lost their lives and 20 others have been injured since the beginning of the Turkish offensive. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that over a hundred militants have been killed during a speech in Ankara on Thursday, while Reuters quoted a local source reporting at least 23 SDF personnel dead.

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