Germany: Dirk Nowitzki and Mick Schumacher play football for a good cause

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German basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki and Formula 2 driver Mick Schumacher held a joint press conference ahead of the third edition of the benefit football game titled ‘Champions for Charity’ in honour of former F1 driver Michael Schumacher, at the BayArena stadium in the German city of Leverkusen on Sunday.

Nowitzki spoke about life after retirement saying “I’m in that moment where I enjoy playing other sports and with the kids and the family to travel and somehow I will find my routine and try to eat healthy but this phase is not there.”

Mick Schumacher, Michael Schumacher’s son, also admitted to not have played much football as a child but shared his motivation for the charity event saying “when you have the chance to help other people and obviously that was always my thought from me and my whole family and that’s the goal me and Dirk want to achieve today.”

The proceeds of the game, to be played at 6 pm local time on Sunday, July 21, will benefit the “41 Campus Project” of the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation and projects of the “Keep Fighting Foundation” of the Schumacher family.

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