Germany: ‘Extinction Rebellion’ calls for disobedience to force action on climate

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‘Extinction Rebellion’ activists protested political inaction on climate change in Berlin on Monday, in a demonstration designed to “disrupt [society] with peaceful actions of disobedience.”

The protest began outside the Bundestag with speeches before moving to Jannowitzbrucke with the intention of occupying the bridge. The protesters demand the German government communicate to people the urgency of the problem, and commit to ending all greenhouse emissions by 2025.

Hannah Elshorst, spokesperson for the German branch of Extinction Rebellion, explained that thirty years of slow government responses to the crisis has meant that the planet is now at boiling point and urgent action is needed to avoid catastrophe.

“We’ve demonstrated long enough. We are allowed and we must now use means of civil disobedience. It’s time to rebel,” she told a cheering crowd of activists.

The protest in Berlin occurred alongside protests in London, where Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked roads and vandalised oil giant Shell’s headquarters.

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