Germany: Kassel’s opera house reopens with brass concert

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Kassel’s opera house reopened its doors to visitors with a brass concert on Saturday. The theatre had been closed since March due to the coronavirus measures implemented by the government to stop the virus spreading further.

100 visitors were allowed to attend the concert of the Kassel Opera Brass orchestra performing pieces by Bach, Victor Ewald and Malcom Arnold, among others.

Spectators had to wear face masks while enjoying beverages in the lobby in the breaks.

Empty seats between the guests ensured the obligatory minimal distance.

The director of Kassel’s state theatre, Thomas Bockelmann, stated that under the current circumstances the institution can only survive until summer, citing a lack of revenue.

“The fact that we can only play in the opera house in front of 100 people and 76 people in the theatre. This is possible until summer and doesn’t work long term for its not economic. One guest in the opera costs more than the revenues in total under the current audience figures.” Bockelmann added that he hopes the theatre could host between 200-400 guests after the summer break.

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