Germany: Protest held as Munich court hands out neo-Nazi killing spree verdict

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Protesters gathered outside a court in Munich where a verdict on an alleged accomplice in the National Socialist Underground (NSU)’s killing of 10 people, including eight of Turkish origin, was being handed down on Wednesday.

Protesters carried banners depicting victims killed by the neo-Nazi group between 2000 and 2007.

Eight of the victims were of Turkish origin; the other victims were a Greek man and a German policewoman. The NSU aimed to terrorise minorities and coerce them into leaving the country. The NSU also carried out two bombings and a string of bank robberies during the period of their activity.

Outrage was caused by the fact that the NSU had been able to operate undetected for so many years. Investigators had wrongly accused the killings of being related to organised crime, having ruled out any racist motives.

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