Germany: Protesters march in memory of shooting victims in Hanau

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Thousands took to the streets of Hanau under the motto “We are Hanau,” in a spontaneous march against far-right extremism on Friday, in response to the deadly shootings that left 11 people dead last Wednesday.

The protesters held banners reading “Fascism and racism kill everywhere,” as well as portrait pictures of some of the victims at the beginning of the demonstration, whilst police cars escorted the march.

A 43-year-old German citizen from Hanau reportedly opened fire outside a shisha bar at Heumarkt district, driving off to a second location in Kesselstadt district, where he opened fire again.

The double shooting left at least 10 people dead, with five injured, before the suspect and his 72-year-old mother were found dead at his address in the early hours of Thursday morning.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer described the Hanau shooting as a “racially motivated terror attack” during a press conference in Berlin earlier on Friday.

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