Germany: Protesters rally against construction of Tesla plant near Berlin

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Activists opposed to the construction of a Tesla car plant in a rural area east of Berlin protested against the project in the nearby town of Erkner on Saturday.

Protesters held signs such as “we don’t want to become an industrial desert” and “Tesla or drinking water,” in reference to fears of drinking water contamination linked to the project.

Catrina, a local environmental activist, gave her views on the construction of the Tesla plant. “I find it simply unbelievable to keep degrading the environment,” she said. “I was born here and I would like my [local] nature to be preserved,” she added.

A smaller group of protesters in favour of the factory also gathered in Erkner on Saturday. They say the project will bring jobs to an area desperately in need of them.

“Our youth, they need good workplaces, which they can live from in the future. And Tesla is the future,” explained Erik Nickle, a pro Tesla factory activist.

The plan by the authorities is to make way for the Tesla car factory by tearing down an area of forest. Late last week, the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg allowed the deforestation on the Tesla site in Gruenheide to resume after initially ruling that the logging should be halted followed a legal complaint by an environmental group.

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