Germany: Singing in the protest – G20 musical kicks off in Berlin

The first official rehearsal of the play ‘Welcome to Hell’ took place at the Neukoellner Opera in Berlin on Tuesday, to comment on the G20 summit in Hamburg last year which sparked large demonstrations.

The musical is set during the weekend of 2017 G20 in Hamburg, where violent protests broke out throughout the city. The main characters are people from different walks of life, such as a policeman, a protester, a journalist, a cashier.

Commenting on the story, writer and director Peter Michael said that “I think our play or our own musical could help to see everyone as human and we should to start to listen and to understand the perspective of the other one.”

Michael also added that “I think we will disturb people, I hope they will enjoy the show of course.”

The official premiere of the play will take place on Thursday.

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