Germany: ‘To strengthen Europe is to strengthen Germany’ – Merkel rallies in Lower Saxony

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her pro-EU line during a campaign rally in Bad Fallingbostel, Lower Saxony, Wednesday, as the upcoming general elections loom ever closer.

SOT, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany (German): “The European answer to this emergency humanitarian situation was not sufficient. And by the way Germany was not always ahead [of other countries]. When in 2006 Spain took in so many refugees from Africa, we were all so glad to be located nicely in the middle of Europe. We weren’t in favour of a solidarity formula then and we were also not in favour of a common boarder protection mission because it was said that we should protect our boarders by ourselves. Since that time we have realised that doesn’t work, since then we have learned to work together for internal border controls, since then we deal with the problems together with other countries, with the agreement with Turkey to fight against smuggling, since then we have learned to work with Libya, with Niger, with many other countries. Everyone in Europe has to pull their weight. But it’s not acceptable that some countries say we are not taking in any refugees. That is also not compatible with European solidarity.”

SOT, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany (German): “But overall, I don’t know about you, but when I look at the civil war in Syria, when I look at IS in Iraq, when I look at the struggle in Ukraine with Russia and the separatists there, when I look at the atom tests in North Korea, all these things that challenge us, that we have to work for peace in the world. And then I see, yes, ok, Europe is hard-working. They deal with that day and night. And still we are not satisfied with what’s being done. But my ladies and gentlemen, it is much better to talk with one another in Europe, to search for solutions in Europe, rather than to talk over one another, to build prejudices out of which hate can so quickly develop, and from hate, violence can so quickly develop, and therefore it is worth it for Europe as a peace project, as a decades-long peace project of the past, but also as a peace project for the future, to fight. And therefore to strengthen Europe is also to strengthen Germany.”

SOT, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany (German): “The automobile industry must now restore trust. We cannot as politicians do that for the automobile industry. But I know the automobile industry faces the huge challenge of reacting to the digital advances, as does the diesel industry. Autonomous driving will come, new drive technology will come, so they will have to find the bridge in the future that will simultaneously ensure no repetition of the mistakes of the past and also make sure that we have clean and ecological cars that are also much more environmentally friendly than the petrol motor.”

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