Germany: Toilet paper drive-in set up by Dornburg store in response to coronavirus panic buying

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A convenience store set up a drive-in toilet paper campaign in Dornburg, Hessen, on Wednesday in response to the increasing demand for the hygienic product amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“I thought I better call before I go there, as it may be an April’s fools prank,” said customer Kornelius Schaub, as he discovered the advertisement online.

The campaign began after the store manager Andreas Hoffman got a larger lot of toilet paper through the dealer network due to the increasing demand.

“Every second costumer came into our business and asked us for toilet paper. Because we had no article [toilet paper] at all in our assortment, we then had the idea to get a large amount of them,” Hoffman said.

“We were only able to allow 10 costumers at a time and so we quickly talked about organising a toilet paper drive-in,” explained store employee Annette Neizug.

The campaign came up after the toilet paper have become one of the most demanded products during the coronavirus outbreak.

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