Greece: ‘It was hatred’ – Locals react to vandalised Cross in Lesbos

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A crucifix standing on the top of the rocky shores of Appeli on Greece’s island of Lesbos, was destroyed by unknown vandals on Sunday night. The cross was reportedly built in honour of the refugees who died at sea, footage from Wednesday shows the reaction of locals to the vandalism.

The cross that was built back in September had caused a reaction from a local association claiming that it disrupts the balance of cohabitation between locals and refugees of other religions that live on the island.

Despite the outrage of several groups, some locals feel outraged with the vandalism.

“Who does the cross bothers, the cross which is the symbol of orthodoxy?” stated local resident Panagiotis Axarlis, adding that “I feel sorry as a Greek.”

For Stelios Agas, another local resident, this is an action of hatred since “in order for it to get broken, it had to be with hatred,” because “this cross has iron inside, it is cement and somebody went with a sledge hammer or something like that and broke it.”

Local residents used rocks from the area to get the cross standing again. They say that it is a temporary measure and that a large cross should be put up in its place.

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