Have a nose for tobacco snorting? There’s a championship for you

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Hundreds of participants competed in a Bavarian tobacco snorting championship in Unterbuch, on Saturday, to find out who could inhale five grams of tobacco up their nose the fastest.

One hundred and forty one men and women, young and old, took part in Saturday’s ‘snuff’ tournament reportedly in the hopes of qualifying for a German national championship in September.

Many of those who turn their nose up at regular tobacco for being too aggressive on the nasal cavity, say practice tobacco is easier to snort.

“The sneezing with this tobacco is almost minimal because of the oil in the tobacco and the tobacco is very mild and does not harm the nose and mucous membranes,” said competition participant Helmut Bauer.

For those up to snuff, Unterbuch will reportedly host the world championship in 2020.

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