Holy See: Pope Francis holds special mass for ‘those rejected by globalised society’

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Pope Francis held a special mass for migrants and refugees at the Vatican City, on Monday, calling them ”the symbol of all those rejected by today’s globalised society.”

Pope Francis said that the shores of Italian cities “densely populated with persons who have been thrown away, marginalised, oppressed, discriminated against, abused, exploited, abandoned, poor and suffering.”

The special mass was held to mark the six-year anniversary of the Pope’s visit to Lampedusa in 2013, prior to the height of the migrant crisis.

The mass takes place after issues over the legitimacy of the work carried out by rescue workers led to the detention and the following release of Sea-Watch rescue ship captain Carola Rackete.

The mass was reportedly attended by around 250 people, mainly consisting of migrants, asylum seekers and rescue workers.

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