Honduras: Protests continue as opposition plan long-term rally for January 20

Protesters led by former President Manuel Zelaya and Opposition Alliance party candidate Salvador Nasralla, took to the streets of Tegucigalpa, Friday, to protest the re-election of President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Protesters clashed with police around the Presidential House area in Tegucigalpa, who used tear gas and water cannon against the demonstrators.

Honduras has been rocked by political turmoil since November 26 presidential elections after President Juan Orlando Hernandez defeated Opposition Alliance party candidate Salvador Nasralla by 1.6 percentage points. Both men have claimed victory.

SOT, Rafael Alegria, Honduras citizen (Spanish): “It is an impressive mobilisation of this day at two o’clock in the afternoon, that means that our people have a high moral and we are going to defeat the fraud and we are going to beat Juan Orlando Hernandez, that is illegal.”

SOT, Gilberto Rios, Honduras citizen (Spanish): “Well here the people are fighting for their rights and I believe that with a strong force as when the national front or as when there were other popular expressions in the last nine years of the coup d’état.”

SOT, Salvador Nasralla, Opposition politician (Spanish): “This is an essay of what we intend to do nationally as of Saturday, January 20, when it will be indefinite. This is not from the 20th to the 27th, this is from January 20 onwards until the tyrant falls.”

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