Hong Kong: Support pours in for cafe owner targeted online for backing HK police

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Support has poured in for owner of Ngan Lung Cafe, Li Hoi-wo, who became a target of online abuse after she put up a sign backing the Hong Kong police.

Speaking in Hong Kong on Wednesday, Li noted, “some of my old customers came to me and said that they were disappointed, and that they don’t support me any more because I support the police.”

The restaurant owner said that her business “turned bad”; however, noting that after the initial backlash, some people had visited her restaurant to express their support, including police officers and residents of mainland China.

She added that “some police came to my restaurant to support me, then the mainlanders came here to support me.”

Li noted that while protesters have not done any damage to her restaurant, they have criticised her on social media. She said, “they used some bad language, reported me to different government agencies, which came to me, saying that I employ illegal workers, and that there are hygiene issues with my food.”

Hong Kong has seen a wave of massive protests since the end of March against a proposed law amendment which could allow Hong Kong residents to be sent to mainland China for trials. The demonstrations then grew into a wider movement calling for reforms and condemning government and police actions. The police have been accused of resorting to violence, including the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, to quell protesters.

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