How will Tunisia 🇹🇳 recover from its economic woes? | Inside Story

How will Tunisia recover from its economic woes as street protests grow?
Demonstrations against the government’s austerity measures began on Sunday and quickly spread.
Hundreds of people have been arrested. The army’s on the streets. Buildings have been burned.
Tunisia is widely regarded as the only democratic success story from the Arab Spring uprisings.
However, it’s had nine governments since the overthrow of its longtime dictator in 2011, and all of them have struggled to tackle high unemployment, especially among the youth.
Towns and cities in the interior are worse off than those, including the capital Tunis, on the coast.
Hopes that the 2011 revolution would bridge that gulf have been dashed.
But the government’s sticking to its budget.
The main trade union and parties in the ruling coalition say the protests threaten to destabilise the country.

Presenter: Adrian Finighan
Osama Al Saghir, MP with conservative Ennahda Party, part of the ruling coalition.
Nicholas Noe, co-director of Tunis Exchange, a research summit involving all sides of the political debate.
Mohamed Dhia Hammami, an independent research consultant.

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