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Narrated in first person, this film explores the impact of anxiety and how it can affect your life.

Aneeka and Sam’s testimony is open and honest, and creates an intimate portrait into what it is like to live with severe anxiety, and what might cause it. Aneeka traces the root of her anxiety to her lack of confidence with people and at school; which affected her communication.

Her treatment from peers at school pushed her further into herself and she became more reclusive. However, it was moving to a grammar school which badly affected her mental health, as she suddenly felt not good enough.

Aneeka’s deteriorating mental health meant she missed sitting her GCSEs, but it wasn’t until she attempted an overdose that she received professional help. Sam sees the link between his isolation at home and at school which caused him to feel like a complete outsider.

Exaggerated by his different interests to the rest of his year group, he just felt like he never fit in. Slowly, his emotions and anxieties built up with no healthy outlet. It wasn’t until he found professional help through CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) that he found he could open up – and the weight was lifted.

Both Aneeka and Sam discuss the physical symptoms of anxiety. Their testimony highlights how overwhelming the experience of panic or anxiety attacks can be and gives an insight for those who may never have experienced them.

This film also highlights and takes students through the channels of help which may be available to them if they are experiencing similar feelings as those described in the film, including breaking down the processes within these channels.

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