India: Hardliner Hindus hold ritual to help Trump and Modi “eliminate terrorism”

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A hardliner Hindu group performed a fire ritual in New Delhi on Tuesday, on the occasion of US President Donald Trump’s visit to the country.

Footage shows the group performing the act, lighting fire at a shrine, singing mantras, and holding pictures of Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi.

“We are praying our Almighty to bless President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi. Both countries are fighting against terrorism and radical Islam. India fighting against terrorists and America fighting well against terrorism. Donald Trump earlier announced he will root out radical Islam from the world, he’s working on that. To achieve that with India, we stand with them shoulder to shoulder and to implement that to all over the world we are performing puja today to get the blessings of God,” said the group’s leader, Vishnu Gupta.

Trump is on his first ever trip to India, which is expected to last two days.

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