India: New Delhi lockdown boosts air quality levels

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The restrictions of outdoor activities and movement due to the coronavirus outbreak has had a positive effect on the improvement of air quality in New Delhi, with measurements indexing the air quality in some areas at 57 on Wednesday, in stark contrast to the average, which frequently marks areas of the city as danger zones.

According to reports, New Delhi is experiencing the cleanest air quality in the last five years, since the lockdown was introduced by the government in an attempt to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Abhijeett Chatterjee, a local resident, said, “A remarkable improvement in air quality from Danger Zone, where the AQ [air quality] was around 300 on an average in this area, there is now 56. so the air quality has improved remarkably well. And if the sky is clear, we can see the stars in the evening.”

“We should go back to limiting the number of cars on the road. We should have more electric vehicles, with what the government is doing. People should be encouraged to walk, more cyclists should be allowed, more facilities should be given for cycling. These things will improve the air quality,” he added.

According to reports, the average concentration of Particulate Matter 2.5 [micrometers] dropped by 70 percent within a week in New Delhi. Similar drops were recorded in other cities across India.

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