India: Stuntman Chanchal Lahiri drowns in Houdini trick gone wrong | DW News

Indian stuntman Chanchal Lahiri, who called himself the wizard Mandrake, said he wanted to revive interest in magic by replicating a Houdini-inspired trick. And so India’s iconic Howrah Bridge, in Kolkata, became the scene of a dangerous underwater escape that went horribly wrong. Under the bridge near Kolkata, Lahiri was tied up with a heavy rope and steel chains secured by six locks. He was then lowered by crane into the Hoogly River. After 10 minutes he still hadn’t re-emerged, to the horror of onlookers, which included members of his family. Rescue teams found Chanchal Lahiri’s body, still in chains, washed up a kilometer from where he entered the water. This wasn’t Lahiri’s first underwater stunt and he knew the risks.

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