Indonesia: Relations between major economies now like ‘Game of Thrones’ – Indonesian president

Indonesian President Joko Widodo compared contemporary relations between major economies with the famous television series ‘Game of Thrones,’ while speaking at the plenary session of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Nusa Dua in Bali on Friday.

“Lately, it feels like the relations between the major economies are becoming more and more like the ‘Game of Thrones’” Widodo said, adding that “the balance of power and the alliances between major economies are breaking down.”

“Weakness and coordination in cooperation have caused many problems including the dramatic rise in the price of crude oil, and turmoil in the currency markets of the developing economies,” Widido concluded.

This year’s annual meeting of IMF and World Bank, which unites 189 countries, takes place in Bali from October 8-14.

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