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It was the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th month — and became a pivotal moment in world history.
It marked the armistice agreement that officially ended the First World War in 1918.
This weekend, 100 Years later, leaders from more than 50 countries are gathering in France for commemorative events.
But the solemn occasion is being overshadowed by deep divisions between trans-atlantic allies.
This week, the French President called for a ‘European army’ to defend itself from potential threats from nations such as Russia, China and, remarkably, the United States.
Emmanuel Macron’s global philosophy is at odds with U.S. Preident Donald Trump’s nationalist, America First agenda.
A century after what is also called the Great War, there’s another conflict looming – one of world visions.
How stark are the divisions between the ideologies of Trump and Macron?

Presenter: Richelle Carey

Theresa Fallon, Director of Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies (CREAS).
David Lees, Lecturer in French Studies at Warwick University and Co-editor of “Contemporary France”.
Thorsten Benner, Director of the Global Public Policy Institute.

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